Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More anatomy drawings.

Here are the remaining anatomy drawings from my class.  I will miss that class, but luckily, I can take that class again, if I still work at the hospital.

More specimens coming soon!

Heart.  Soft pencil on paper.  Keep in mind,I was drawing from an actual human organs, preserved in formaldehyde.  These organs really didn't have any shape or color, so I did what I could.  I preferred drawing bones, but it was good practice doing something else. 

Brain.  Pencil on paper, unfinished.  My second to last, and my least favorite.  Decided to go back to a bone after drawing this.  

Underside of half of a human skull.  Pencil on paper, unfinished.  My last drawing in the class..This is definitely one of my favorites!  I was surprised how well this turned out. I like the unfinished fell.  I know it looks a little off, but I wasn't looking at it straight on, but at a weird angle.  I took some photos, so I'll try to draw this again at different angles.

If you're an artist, I definitely recommend taking an anatomy art class.  It's different from life drawing because it's not as much a about gesture, it's more about detail.  The similarities are the study of proportion.  And you learn a lot about life drawing from the anatomy.  Definitely a helpful class!


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

These are SO well done!!

Caerphilly said...

Thank you!! :) I really, really had fun drawing these and they were good practice!