Sunday, July 22, 2012

Specimen #47

I didn't realize how long it's been since I haven't posted.  Truth is, I'm just  super busy, and haven't gone on blogger in a long time.  Haven't stopped drawing, but stopped going on blogger for about a month.  Will start again, and look at all of your blogs as well, and see what I've been missing out on! ;)

I'm applying to loans and scholarships, selling lots and lots of my stuff for school (and also buying a lot of stuff I need for school :) ), doing stuff for my etsy shops, and still working.  I did gave my notice at work last week, right before I went on a  one week staycation where I did nothing, finally, but draw, and am ready to blog again.  Really, I must say, giving notice at work is the best feeling in the work.  Of course getting that acceptance letter was the nest day in my life, but I think a large part of it being so great is that you know you can move on and never go back to your horrible job... (never say never, right...)  I also decided this past week during my staycation, that I am going to make my own clothes.  I only have work cloths (fancy office clothes not suitable for everyday casual wear) and house clothes (all of my old work clothes that are too worn too wear to work anymore ), so I need something for school.  As I was looking around for stuff that I like, everything is ugly or way too expensive!!   I've sewn before, but never thought about making clothes.  Then, I found really cheap dress patterns (some vintage :o ) and a cheap used sewing machine.  I'm looking at clearance fabrics, which are much higher quality and cost less than any good store bought clothes.  So, yeah, will be doing that now on top of the billion other things I am currently doing!  Might start another blog about my handmade Mad Men imitation dresses! :)

Anyway, enough rambling.  Now for the reason you visit my blog in the first place.  Here's Specimen #47.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Glad you're back! So glad you had a "staycation." Sometimes those can be the best kind of time off. I like the idea that you might make your clothes--it can definitely be another creative outlet (I used to make my school clothes). As for #47--I just LOVE those little folded arms! He's just great!

drend said...

what an odd little fellow~ <3 i don't know why, if it's the squinted eyes, or noble profile.. but appart from most of your other critters, i feel like this one could take care of itself and grow into a very devious beast. even though, i think he's precious. x3'

and welcome back! so happy you're posting again, i've missed you!:D